Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a passing score?
A. Written and Range
    Civilians: 70%
    Police:      80%
    Tactical:  90%
    Sniper:  90% 
    Cold shot 100%

Q. What will the concealed weapons written test cover?
The 724 code of Iowa.
     Firearms safety
     Range safety
     Automatic and revolvers nomenclature
     Target acquisition
     There are 50 questions in total, worth 2 points each.

Q. How long is a concealed weapons permit valid?
A. Non-professional is five years.
     Professional is five years.

Q. Will I have to take the written test each time I renew my license?
A. No, the written test is only taken once.

Q. Will I have to qualify with my weapon annually?
A. Police - yes, it is required by ILEA
    Civilian - no, it is currently only required every five years.

Q. What is the course of fire?
A. Police and Civilians fire the same FBI  qualification course of fire, at the 3, 5, 7, 15, and 25 yard lines, using the FBI Q Target.  
    This is a 50 round course, each round is worth two points. 

Q. What does the 330 stand for in the company name 330 tactics?

A.  It stands for the 3 and the 30.  They were an elite unit of soldiers under King David's command. (1000 BC) To belong to the 30, a soldier would have had to kill 300 or more enemy soldiers in one battle.  To belong to the 3, a soldier would have had to kill 800 or more enemy soldiers in one battle.  They were true Warriors and Heroes.


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