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About The Program

3/30 tactics is here to give Law Enforcement and Citizens the most current training at an affordable price.  Classroom instruction is kept at a minimum allowing for more practical range time.  The student can attend at our location, or we can provide instruction at a range near you.

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The Instructor

While we strive to impart the fundamentals, we continually evaluate practical contemporary information, techniques, tactics and technology available to incorporate into our training programs. We teach with a no nonsense approach focused on what works in the field. learn more »

Course Offerings

3/30 Tactics is dedicated to providing high quality, low cost, real world training to police officers and civilians alike, designed and taught by men who are intimately familiar with doing the job. We recognize the value placed on your training dollars and time. Our programs are designed to optimize both. We offer a variety of tactical training courses designed to reach varying levels of expertise.

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